Health & Safety Plan for Little Beans Regarding Covid-19

revised 7/16/2020

Your child’s health and safety are our main priority during this pandemic. Little Beans’ goal is to offer the safest environment while providing a quality preschool experience. Little Beans will be closely monitoring & following the directives of local and state officials, the CDC, and other relevant government agencies.  Little Beans small class size and teacher ratio already fit the recommendations of safe operations during this time. Keep in mind that due to the dynamic and fluid nature of the Covid19 pandemic, guidance from officials & agencies could change at a moment’s notice, and we will quickly abide by any necessary changes and communicate that with all of our enrolled families.

Thank you for understanding that we may need to quickly adapt our procedures if we are directed to do so by a governing agency. We appreciate your cooperation with our efforts.  Health and safety guidelines effective immediately and until further notice for our 2020-2021 school year:

- Face masks are required by all children and staff. There are no exceptions to this.  Adults dropping off and picking up children must wear a mask at these times also. If a child has medical issues and can not wear a mask, we are also offering virtual preschool classes online.

- Only staff and students will be allowed in the building. Drop off and pick up will occur at the door under our carport and staff will come outside to greet your child and bring them in to our room. If more than one family arrives at the same time, we ask that you remain in your car or in a socially distanced space so staff can bring each child in one at a time.

- At the time of drop off, a daily wellness check will be completed on your child before entering the building. Staff will examine the child visibly, take their temperature, and ask you some questions regarding their health. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy this year. We advise parents to be alert for signs of illness and keep your child home if they may be sick. Please keep your child home if they have had any of the following in the past 24 hours: fever, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive cough, shortness of breath, rash, sore throat, thick discolored runny nose. If a child has taken any fever controlling medicine in the last 24 hours, please keep them home. Children may not enter the facility if their temp is 100.4 or higher.

- Upon entering the building, staff will take your child to first wash their hands and then switch from their shoes to their slippers before entering the room.

- If your family travels out of state, we ask that you follow the current state guidelines regarding quarantine after certain state visits.

- Children are asked to refrain from bringing anything from home into Little Beans. This includes book bags. This will help limit the number of new germs coming in. We will use a paperclip to put all of your child’s papers together to go home. If you need to send

something in, it can be handed to staff at drop off.

- We will be washing hands frequently throughout the day. Hands will be washed before entering the room and before snack. Hands will be washed or sanitizer used when switching activities within our room to help prevent the spread of germs.

- There will be intensified cleaning and disinfecting of items in our room. Commonly touched items such as doorknobs, light switches, sink & toilet handles, etc will be cleaned frequently throughout the day. All toy items will now be grouped in individual bins for play. We will be teaching the children that the toys ‘need a bath’ after play, so that they can bring the bins to us and we can wash them before another child plays with them. Everything will also be disinfected before the next class enters the room. Every night, the room will be cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected for the next day.

- Obviously, social distancing is difficult in preschool. It pretty much goes against the very reasoning for preschool. We will be doing our best while still creating a quality preschool atmosphere. We will be packing up our tables this year and sitting on the floor, which the kids actually love. This will allow us to social distance during these times. All the kids will be using lap desks for activities. Snack will be picnic style on the floor, which has

been done in the past on special occasions and the children think its fun. Social distancing will not be possible at all times in centers. To help with this, the kids will be placed in small groups so that they travel with the same children in centers each day.  These groups will be named after local birds that we will be learning about and we will use the phrase “spread your wings” often to encourage the kids to give each other space.

- Unfortunately, there are no large group gatherings allowed. This means, no field trips, graduation, etc are being planned at this time.

- As recommended by the CDC, if you or your child were knowingly exposed to Covid-19, you are asked to quarantine for 14 days and your child can not attend Little Beans during that time.