2020-2021 Little Beans Handbook


1.0 Introduction

2.0 Program Goals

3.0 Location, Time, Contact Info

4.0 First Day

5.0 Program Schedule

6.0 Policies & Procedures

6.1 Extra Clothing

6.2 Snack

6.3 Potty Training

6.4 Illness & Medicine

6.5 Arrivals & Departures

6.6 Toys From Home

6.7 Withdrawals from Program

6.8 Days Off/Cancellations

6.9 Payment

7.0 Discipline Policy

8.0 Parent Info

8.1 Field Trips

8.2 Monthly Calendars

8.3 Birthdays

8.4 Facebook, Shutterfly, Text List

1.0 Introduction

Little Beans day programs are designed to provide children with a strong foundation in which they can build upon for years to come. Children learn to follow a structured daily routine while making friends, learning age appropriate skills, and having fun. Creative playtime, small group activities, circle times, and story time are all important parts of our programs. Children are encouraged to learn and grow in a friendly & nurturing environment.  Children are supervised by staff at all times within our required ratios.  Little Beans can have no more than 12 children/class.  Currently, state ratios require 1 staff member per 6 children for ages 2 until the age of 3, 1 staff member per 10 children for preschool children.  

2.0 program goals

To develop age appropriate skills, such as:

       2 day program

            -color & shape recognition

            -counting skills

            -age appropriate learning concepts

       3 day program

            -letter recognition

            -counting skills & number recognition

            -age appropriate learning concepts

To develop gross motor skills

          -structured indoor activities, such as games & dancing

To develop fine motor skills

          -holding a pencil or crayon correctly

          -holding scissors correctly and cutting skills

Encourage good manners

          -children learn to share with peers

          -practice taking turns

          -help to clean up after themselves

Encourage social developments among peers

          -children learn to interact with other children their age

3.0 location, time, contact info


          Little Beans is located at 501 Sunbury Street, Minersville PA 17954

          Please use side door under the carport. You may park in the parking lot behind the building


          Our program hours are as follows-

          2 day program 8:45-11:45am Tuesday & Thursday

          3 day AM program 8:45-11:45am Monday, Wednesday, Friday

          3 day PM program 12:30-3:30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday

   contact info-

          Jen Boyle-owner

          phone- 570-900-1756

          website- little-beans.com

          email- [email protected]

          *you can also find us on Facebook!

4.0 first day

First day separations can be difficult for children as well as parents. Children usually do best when parents project a confident & positive attitude. Children also do best with a quick goodbye. A delay in your initial goodbye will only make the separation harder on both of you. And while your child may be upset as you leave, he or she will most likely become quickly interested in the other children & activities around our room. We will let you know if your child remains upset for a prolonged period of time or becomes upset after you leave.

5.0 program schedule

2 day schedule-

8:30-9:00- arrival/free play

9:00-9:15- circle time

9:15-9:45- small group activity-(learning project)

9:45-10:15- free play

10:15-10:30- snack

10:30-11:00 small group activity- (art project)

11:00-11:15-story time

11:15-11:30- free play

11:30-11:45- closing circle time

3 day schedule (example of AM- PM will follow the same schedule in the afternoon)

8:30-9:00- arrival/free play

9:00-9:30- free play

9:30-9:45- opening circle

9:45-10:15- small group (learning activity)

10:15-10:30- center time

10:30-10:45 snack

10:45-11:15- small group (creative activity)

11:15-11:30- center time

11:30-11:45- closing circle time

6.0 Policies and Procedures

          6.1 Extra clothing

                Please make sure your child has an extra set of clothing at Little Beans at all times. Accidents happen! Be sure to include- top, bottoms, socks, underwear. If their clothing becomes soiled, we will send it home in a plastic bag. If this happens, please be sure to send in another outfit on their next day.

          6.2 snack

              We have snack each day halfway through our program. Little Beans provides snack. We always appreciate snack donations. If you'd like to send in snack, please make sure it is enough for all the children in your child's program. All child are given milk or water to drink at snack time. On special occasions, we will have class parties and ask for goodies to be sent in. Please be aware of any class allergies. Little Beans never serves any nut products.

          6.3 potty training

                Little Beans does accept children that are not potty trained. If your child is in diapers or pull-ups, please make sure they always have a supply of diapers/pull ups and wipes at Little Beans. We will let you know on your daily note when more are needed. As you begin potty training at home, please let us know and we will work on that at Little Beans, too. Children do best when potty training is consistent.

          6.4 illness and medicine

                Since our programs are only 3 hours long, Little Beans does not distribute any medication. Please use your best judgement when it comes to illnesses. Since this will be the first time many of our children will be in an environment like this, they'll be exposed to new germs and may get sick more times than in the past. We ask you to keep your child home if they are experiencing any of the following- fever, diarrhea, vomiting, new rashes. We will accept children with common cold symptoms.

          6.5 arrivals & departures


Please make sure that your child arrives on time. Parking is available in the rear of the building. Please do not block the fire station exit in front of their building or the spaces in the lot specifically marked for residents only. Our door opens 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each program and will be locked once all children arrive. At drop off, parents can come in to the room with their child.


At pick up, parents do not enter the room. We will have your child all ready and will escort them out to you. This makes for a smoother, quicker pick up. Parents may wait under the car port near the door. Please be on time. If the weather is bad or you have small children in the car, you may drive under the car port for pick up. Please don't do this if you are in a hurry to get out since sometimes it takes awhile once your in that line.

Please be on time for your child. We recommend being a few minutes early. We often have programs after your child's program or sometimes need to leave on time to make our own scheduled appointments. So it's often very inconvenient for us when parents are continuously late picking up their child. With that being said, things happen. If you are late because of an emergency, please don't panic. Please call Little Beans and make us aware of the situation. If it becomes a habit, Little Beans will begin to add a late fee to your following month's tuition. You will be charged $20 for each 15 minutes that you are late. 

          6.6 toys from home

Toys can often be broken or lost, so please do not send toys in from home unless it is for a scheduled show-n-tell or it has been approved. 

          6.7 withdrawals from programs

If you decide to withdraw your child from our program, we ask that you give us a two week notice is you are able to since we often have waiting lists and want to give others the chance to fill the spot. Tuition payments will not be refunded due to withdrawals. 

          6.8 days off/cancellations

Little Beans follows the Minersville Area School District's holiday & weather schedule. Please be sure to check your monthly calendar for any scheduled days off due to holidays. If Minersville has a delay due to the weather, our AM programs will be cancelled. If Minersville has an early dismissal due to the weather, our PM programs will be cancelled. If Minersville is closed due to the weather, we will be closed also. You can find out Minersville's snow schedule on the local news & radio. I will post our snow schedule on both the Little Beans facebook page and each group's private facebook group. If you are on our text list, I will also send out a text alert regarding closings. There is no tuition reimbursement for days off.

          6.9 payment

Payment is always due on the 1st of the month. Payments can be made by check, PayPal ([email protected]), or cash. Checks can be handed in early and post-dated to the 1st of the month. If payment is not received by the 1st and payment arrangements have not been made, a $25 late fee must be added to your payment. Little Beans reserves the right to terminate your child's spot in our programs i payment is not made or continuously paid late. 

7.0 discipline policy

We understand that the children are at an age where they are still learning age appropriate behaviors. But we also need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all of our children. If a child does something that needs to be corrected, we-

1- talk to the child about the behavior

We explain the negative behavior and why it's inappropriate. We give them, some examples of positive behavior in that situation. We also remind them that if the behavior continues, we may have to do a "time-out". If the behavior does continue, we-

2- separate the child for a brief "time-out"

Sometimes the best thing to do if the behavior continues is to remove the child from the situation and give them a few minutes to cool down. We will again explain the negative behavior and give examples of positive behaviors in that situation. 

We do not normally run into major behavior issues at Little Beans. We usually don't have continual problems after a "time-out". But if behaviors persist, we will talk to the involved parents and try to work together to come up with a solution. Although it is rare, some continuous behaviors may be grounds for expulsion from Little Beans. These behaviors include, but are not limited to- biting, intentional physical injury to self or others, intentional damage of Little Beans property

8.0 parent info

          8.1 field trips

Little Beans does not transport children for field trips. We will provide you with our field trip info as soon as we have it so that you can plan accordingly. The kids attend a field trip in the fall and spring, plus a family picnic at the end of the year. Little Beans pays the cost of the children and we will let you know the adult price and collect it in advance. It is usually given at a group rate. Younger siblings are welcomed to join us. Please let us know in advance if you will be bringing siblings and we will let you know the cost- if any- for them also.

          8.2 monthly calendars

Each month, you will receive a calendar for your child's program. It will be placed inside the clear sleeve in their folder and this is a great place to keep it. Please review the calendar to see any days scheduled off and review what we'll be doing throughout the month. We try hard to stick to our schedule, but sometimes we need to change things due to unforeseen circumstances when creating the calendar. 

          8.3 birthdays

We love birthdays at Little Beans! You may send in a birthday treat for your child's birthday. Please keep in mind any allergies in our group. Please let us know if you'll be sending something in so we can plan accordingly. Sometimes parents will send in invitations for us to send home for birthday parties. We are happy to do this as long as all the kids in your child's group are invited. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. If your child has a summer birthday, please feel free to send in a birthday treat to celebrate closer to the end of our year.

          8.4 facebook, shutterfly, text list

Each Little Beans' program has their own private group on facebook. This is a great way to keep up with our group. I will post pictures on it often once our program begins and keep you up to date on what we're doing. If you are on facebook and not connected to our group page, please let me know and I'll give you more info.

Each group also has it's own private Shutterfly site to store photos that are used for our yearbook at the end of the year. We also use this site to sign up for parties. You will receive an email to join our room.

We also have a text list. We will use this to provide group texts for such things as school weather closing announcements and reminders. If you would like to be included in our group texts, please make sure you provide us with your cell phone number.

To view our required state regulations, please visit: